Kundalini Awakening Experience

In simple terms, a Kundalini awakening is our dormant life energy awakening in the body. It’s a primordial life force energy in all humans that sits coiled at the base of the spine. Once awoken, it travels through all the energy centers, or chakras, from the root to the crown and transforms us on a mental, emotional, spiritual and cellular level.

Kundalini energy rising can sometimes be smooth and subtle, or intense and explosive. It can happen at any time to anyone, even spontaneously, without any practice, knowledge of this energy or interest to grow spiritually.

A Kundalini awakening is not that common but it is “normal”. 

Can Kundalini be Dangerous?

Kundalini is a divine loving energy, and is not dangerous. A spontaneous Kundalini awakening without any preparation is a different story. It is true that if you are not prepared, do not have the necessary guidance or experience an unexpected Kundalini awakening can be extremely overwhelming. You can experience shakings, visions, hot/cold flashes, out-of-body experiences, extrasensory perception, disorientation, anxiety, fear, discomfort and so on. And although some people have reported the negative effects of Kundalini awakening or bad experiences, there is no evidence of lasting negative effects. It can take years to adjust, lacking help, being misunderstood and classified with psychosis, but people get through it.

Kundalini energy purges anything that is not true in your being and this can feel very intense but it is better not to let the mind interfere with negative thoughts out of fear – easier said than done! A profound rewiring of the brain is happening, destroying old limiting beliefs. Realizing that what we have been taught might be false is certainly destabilizing.

Some people who experience a spontaneous Kundalini awakening report being overwhelmed with wonder as if they are seeing everything for the very first time like a newborn. This is a wonderful feeling in the beginning, but it becomes difficult to function in everyday life after a while. But there are resources, guides and meditation techniques to help ground yourself again.

Even with just a practice of Kundalini activation, your frequencies shift. This is a beautiful evolution, but as you become more connected to source and more in alignment with your authentic self, you may feel uncomfortable with some of the people or situations you were once accepting of. Of course, this can be a painful process in the sense that it can lead to the end of toxic relationships, work situations or old habits. Especially if one is not ready to let go of the known and familiar and attempts to hold on to these people or situations, it can cause suffering. On the other end, it can lead to self-realization, inner peace and true happiness.

So, before you take on the journey to heal yourself or dedicate yourself to awaken your Kundalini, make sure you are ready to let go of the things that are no longer serving you and experience a whole new world and complete transformation.

What are the dangers of Kundalini awakening?

I wouldn’t classify Kundalini awakening has “dangerous”, but it can certainly be hard to deal with. What makes it an uncomfortable experience are the blockages that limit the flow. Just as trauma hurts when we experience it, it can also hurt as it is being removed by the energy. As the canal through which the energy is suppose to flow is blocked, the energy burst in any direction possible in attempt to reach the Crown chakra – this union is the Realization of the Absolute.

Not only on a physical level can it be difficult, but on a psychological level as well.

The key is to embrace the process and surrender to what is happening to experience positively Kundalini’s life-changing power. She is a loving, healing and enlightening energy. Your healing is your most beautiful gift to the world — and this enlightened presence helps your surroundings in their own healing as well.

5 Possible Negative Effects of Kundalini Awakening 

  1. Spiritual ego or narcissism — a feeling of superiority and looking down on those who are not as consciously advanced. 
  2. Messiah or savior complex — giving oneself inflated importance or sense of self-grandiosity, believing that you are here to save the world, believing you are the reincarnation of a famous historical spiritual figure (the Christ, Buddha, etc.). 
  3. Spiritual materialism — desperately holding on to blissful moments of Kundalini awakening or buying into every single workshop, method, or technique that promises to make you wiser, more intuitive and more spiritual.
  4. Spiritual nihilism — misapplying concepts like “all is an illusion” and becoming detached from your obligations, society and life in general. 
  5. Avoidance — avoiding everyday tasks and focusing only on spiritual development. 

These negative effects of Kundalini awakening are rare and extreme cases. Just approach the spiritual path with humbleness and authenticity and, like everything else, it is important to find balance and live your human experience.

Kundalini Activation Process

The beauty of KAP (Kundalini Activation Process) — is that it is a double transmission working with life-force energy and the non-dual state of consciousness. The ascendant energy enters the crown chakra removing more gently the blockages in each energy center and keeping you grounded. It is a natural process that wont choc the body. Because what is important is to stay functional in the world we live in and to be able to continue taking care of your daily tasks and obligations as a part of society. The important word is “process“, each session can bring you closer and closer to enlightenment (if you follow the recommendations and continue the work on raising your frequencies between each sessions) and which is more gentle than a spontaneous and explosive Kundalini awakening. You will need dedication, perseverance and courage to reach the full awakening. In the mean time, the continuous transformation you will go through with continued exposure to KAP will only bring you closer everyday to the ultimate enlightenment.

In conclusion, Kundalini energy is divine, healing, feminine energy. The perceived danger of Kundalini or potential distress occurs only when approaching it without being prepared, wrestling through change, or resisting the letting go of limiting beliefs. I believe the world is getting more and more tools, books, people to prepare, guide and support those with a spontaneous Kundalini awakening.

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