My name is Stephanie, and I have always been intrigued by the true nature of our existence, fascinated by the universe, our planet’s beauty, and the energy that binds everything. At a young age, I was pulled towards spirituality, searching for meaning and answers. In my quest, I have participated in various healing sessions and ceremonies all over the world.

During a life-changing plant medicine ceremony in Europe, I felt the agony of humanity, compelling me to answer the call to help heal the world and elevate human vibrations. Witnessing the profound transformations in others and myself through KAP (Kundalini Activation Process), I realized it was the answer to my calling.

I am proud to have been the first and only Canadian handpicked and trained by Venant Wong, becoming one of the first 173 certified KAP facilitators globally.

In Costa Rica, I underwent training, receiving incredible transmissions and initiation to become a facilitator of this raw life force energy. It was a significant tipping point in my life, and I am now devoted to deepening my knowledge and healing to become the best conduit to this energy.


I am grateful for the opportunity to guide others towards their true essence of love, harmony and abundance by freeing their souls from needless suffering. If you are ready to unlock your full potential and embrace life, I invite you to join the Tribe and walk this journey with me. Together, let’s raise the frequencies of the world